First time buyers and Sod’s Law

25 May

From the Metro newspaper 23rd April
“FIRST TIME BUYERS: Please move along – you’re blocking someone’s view”

So this is how it feels to be me! Along with thousands of others no doubt!

I’m still contemplating buying a place of my own but even since Christmas I’ve noticed the rise in prices. Now I’ve started thinking what with the expected increase in interest rates next month, maybe I should stick with renting for a while. After all, I’ve only been waiting two or three years for the housing market to crash already, I’m sure another two or three won’t hurt….

The trouble with all of this is that damn Sod’s Law. You know what I’m talking about, “Anything that can go wrong, will”.

If I don’t buy a place, prices will continue to rise, if I do buy a place, the housing market will undoubtedly crash as soon as I move in and put my feet up on my new IKEA coffee table. It’s a bit like supermarket queues isn’t it. You get in the shortest queue, but just before you reach the till, one of three things happens:


  1. The kid on the till is about 12, and the couple on front of you are having a massive party and have bought litres of booze, for which the kid has to get permission to sell….

  2. The woman in front is old and doddery and either can’t count her money or (even worse) hasn’t got enough to cover her shopping

  3. The till roll runs out

So, don’t hold your breath for my house-warming party…

Post addition (10th Jan 2011): I just re-read this post, to see how my writing has changed and I would like to state for the record that I bought my flat in the summer of 2007 and indeed, the market DID crash spectacularly shortly afterwards.  A prophetic post indeed.

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