Working at home – it’s not for wimps

25 May

Ems cartoon strip –
By Em Smedstad

This cartoon strip is *so* me it’s scary…..

People think I’m really lucky to be able to work at home three days a week, and I guess I am….I can work in my pyjamas, I can go for Doctors appointments that only take 45 minutes out of my day rather than having to take the whole morning off, and I can work out in the sunshine if I like….it’s all good.

BUT the downsides are – missing out on invitations to go out with friends for lunch or after work cos I’m not in town, starting too early and finishing too late, and my #1 crime of all (and I’ve really only got myself to blame for this) getting into a bad habit of checking my work emails last thing before bed and first thing in the morning. Yes, even at 3am when I am drunk. Good job I had the foresight not to reply to any of them.

So, next time you think someone is ‘really lucky’ to be able to work at home, spare a thought – it’s not all great!

….just going to check my emails.

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