It’s been raining, and you know what that means…

19 Jun

…yes, slugs, snails and worms all over the flippin’ pavement. What’s worse is that it’s dark outside so that leaves me scouring the ground ahead of me to ensure I don’t tread on any of the blessed things. YUCKY!!!! As a result of this, you can often see me dancing all over the pavements like a loony when I’m on my way home. I just hate hate HATE the cracking sound a snail shell makes when you stand on it. And I HATE the slight slip that happens underfoot when a slug goes to the great saltpot in the sky, via the sole of my shoe. It really makes me shudder…

Number of squashy invertebrates avoided:
– Slugs (5)
– Snails (13)
– Worms (2)

Longest worm encountered:
Approx 20cm

Number of snails on front step alone:



2 Responses to “It’s been raining, and you know what that means…”

  1. Vicki June 26, 2007 at 1:32 pm #

    It’s worse if you have a propensity for tripping over. Once (when I was on my way home from one of your parties actually) I tripped over and fell onto my knees, and CRUNCH all over my leg. It was so dark I couldn’t see till I got home that it looked like I had vom on my leg. ugh.

  2. Happy Snapper July 6, 2007 at 4:00 pm #

    Guess what? I just mowed the lawn and mowed over three snails. YUCK!!!

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