Thorn in my side…well, in my face, actually

7 Jul

So, I’m walking back to my house, and in my usual daze of doing a bit too much thinking and not quite enough looking where I’m going, I walk into a rose bush. Yes, you may well laugh, but I wasn’t, as I was pulling the thorns out of my face… And then, to add insult to injury, I started feeling something warm running down my face. I put my hand up to wipe it away and my hand comes down covered in blood! I carried on walking back to my house. I could still feel the blood on my face, but by this point it’s actually dripping off my nose! I’m starting to wonder what people will think if I passed them in the street, but ‘fortunately’ I needn’t have worried. Oh no! A guy drove past in a car, shot me a sympathetic look and just carried on driving! Not even a “You alright, Love?” Flippin’ good job I was alright I suppose, since you’re not going to give me any help you old git!

BLIMEY, what is the world coming to!?! I wonder what state I would have to be in for someone to actually help me!?

Right, I’m off to check if I need a tetanus shot…

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