It’s going to be a mini adventure…

12 Jul

So I’ve booked a ticket to Morocco. I’m leaving next Wednesday. I’m going out there on my own, and people who know me well, know that I’m not that great with just myself for company. So that should be interesting. I’m excited, and more than a bit scared I have to say.

I’m not too sure whether I’m most apprehensive about spending those days on my own, because I’m worried I’m going to be lonely, or because I’m not going to have the safety of a group to fall back on. But I’m pretty sensible, I’ve been to Egypt and Tunisia so I’ve got an idea of how things work there and hopefully that will stand me in good stead.

My plans are to land in Marrakech then travel directly to the Cascades d’Ouzoude and spend a day and a couple of nights there. Then back to Marrakech and onto Essaouira for some relaxing at the beach (yeay!). After a couple of days there it’s back to Marrakech (again!) to sample the delights of the city.

Cue sleeping on rooftops, snake charmers, haggling, dusty streets, cold showers and taking about one million photos. Yes. It’s you guy that will have to be subkected to them when I get home. Book out a good two hours of your evening folks!

Wish me luck!

Pic1: Cascades D’Ouzoude –
Pic2: Essaouira Beach –
Pic3: Mosque of Koutoubia –

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