22 Jul

I’d hoped to write again a little sooner than this but apparently they don’t have internet connection in tiny villages next to amazing waterfalls…

So I spent Thursday sweating in Marrakech. Got lost in the souks, visted the Palace Bahia and the Museum of Marrakech, both of which were amazing architecturally as well as the decoration, slightly lacking in the artefact department though, but such is life. Also visited the Medersa, which is the old student accommodation for the Koranic school and watched the sun set over Djemaa El Fna, with it’s snake charmers, drummers and the tiny Berber stalls which only come out after dusks sets in. They arrange their wares, which look mostly like strange herbs and medicines on a tarpaulin and sell by the light of a small kerosene lamp.

Friday morning saw a 5 hour trip to the Cascades D’Ouzoude, by bus and shared taxi. Met three really nice English girls and a totally insane Morrocan guy called Sham. Each night at his family’s restaurant him and his mates play the drums and Sham is like a cross between Keith Moon and Animal from the Muppet Show. The village was really chilled out, like some kind of hippy cummune, and the perfect antidote to busy Marrakech!

On Saturday we went for a eight hour hike downriver to see some grottes (caves). They were no Cheddar Gorge, but the refreshing dip at the end was worth the walk! For those of you who are wondering, yes I did do the whole thing in my flip flops (Primark – 2 paaaaahnds) and there was no blue nylon rope involved.

Since travelling so far has been pretty much a doddle and I’m not feeling too pushed for time, I decided to spend a couple of days in Fes so today was spent mostly on a bus. The latter half of the journey I spent holding the very cute baby daughter of a Moroccan woman who was badly travel sick, and throwing up violently in a carrier bag next to me. I won’t even mention the sheep in the baggage compartment. Today was so hot that I’m sure it came out slow roasted. Throw a few potatoes and tomatoes in there and you’d have a ready made tagine on arrival!

So far Fes is confusing, exciting, a bit scary and the alleyways are very dark and foreboding! I had started to feel really at home in Marrakech (yes, after only two days) so I’m feeling a bit out of my comfort zone here! I’m sure it isn’t so scary in the day time but so far there has been a lot of hassle from street vendors. I’m putting my thick skin on! Anyway I’m being very well looked after by the hotel staff, which is great.

Oh yes I have also caught a cold, believe it or not!

Anyway, until next time!


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  1. Chris July 23, 2007 at 2:00 pm #

    how did you manage to get a cold?!your sheep in the luggage compartment way sounds like the bus journey to sagada!btw, I have mentioned to stef and lisa if they fancied going to the philippines and they said it might be an option! how cool is that?!c:

  2. Vicki July 23, 2007 at 4:16 pm #

    8 miles? flipflops? what? are you mental? I can’t wait to see your no-doubt lovely piccies. Hope you get over your immodium needs soon….

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