Doing the Right Thing

6 Nov

So, I haven’t posted on here for a while. Had a few things going on… At the end of it all though, (not that it’s the end yet, in fact, it’s far from it, but at least I have some clear brain-space now) I’ve been doing my usual over-analysis of everything. Not sure whether this over-analysis thing is a trait of my Virgoan nature, if I was predisposed to believe in that stuff, or whether it’s just cos I’m a girl :oP. Maybe it’s just ‘because’.

Anyway, I’m not going to go into details because this isn’t about this specific situation, so much as ‘doing the Right Thing’ generally, but my dilemma has been thus:

“How do I know that I am doing the Right Thing?”

Most of the time it’s pretty easy to do the Right Thing. We make those decisions every day without even really thinking about it. Being aware of other people’s needs, being friendly, caring and helpful, whether you know someone or not, is generally hard-wired into most decent people. Even if we do the Wrong Thing, which we sometimes all do, often through no fault of our own, or a lack of foresight or thought, in the long run it usually doesn’t matter. People get over things. We all have to experience some sad or hurtful times, and we get let down by people. That’s life, as the song goes.

But for more serious or less run-of-the-mill matters I guess it depends on whose perspective you’re looking at it from. Is it the Right Thing for me? Or the Right Thing for the other someone? Hmmmm. And what if one impacts on the other? And what if people’s lives could be affected by the outcome of doing the supposed Right Thing?

First of all the immediate impact had to be dealt with. Yes, this was the Right Thing for everyone. Tick.

Then the short-medium term impact….here it gets more woolly. Someone is Very Not Happy. It would be easy to change the situation, but sooner or later, the liklihood is that we would all be back in the same boat. Recommendations have been made and many long phone conversations have been had. People are still sure that we’re doing the Right Thing. Someone is trying to convince us otherwise. It’s hard to know who to listen to. On balance, it’s probable that we are still doing the Right Thing, despite it being pretty upsetting and sometimes hard to deal with. But it’s getting easier.

The worst thing is the helplessness, not knowing how long this is going to go on for, and the fact that for someone like me, who likes to be able to solve problems and get on with stuff, I am fresh out of ideas. For now anyway.

As far as the long-term outlook goes, that’s still a mystery right now, and though I’m sure there
will be other stumbling blocks on the way, but we’re all very hopeful for the future.

Gosh I’m philosophical today. Sorry this has been a bit maudlin!

By the way, I also think that there is too much caffeine in my new coconut tea. Pants.

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