People do the strangest things…

14 Feb

I reckon I have an above average level of morbid curiosity about things, especially if they are slightly abnormal, like those deep ocean fish with the big teeth and dangly luminescent things, the elephant man or teratomas.

I watched a programme on these once, it was fascinating. A teratoma is basically a tumour that has cells in it which can grow into teeth, hair, eyeballs, jawbones or even little tiny hands. Teratoma means ‘monstrous tumour’. They are also called germ cell tumours and are pretty rare.

Anyway, whilst googling away I found a link to a blog where someone has knitted one of these things. Quite amazing what people get up to in their spare time! Click here to see the blog entry – there is even a link providing you with the instructions, just in case you are taken by the urge to knit your very own teratoma one Sunday afternoon….

NB: for those with weak stomachs, I would advise against googling ‘teratoma’ to see what a real one looks like.

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