Would you Adam and Eve it?

3 Dec

Yes, if you know me well enough, you probably would. Last weekend, when I was coming back from visiting family, I was unfortunate enough to need to use the train ‘facilities’. Without going into too much detail, upon completing my task I heard a *plop* and looked down to see that my mobile had fallen out of my back pocket and into the toilet….. I was in a bit of a quandary, having been the victim (and perpetrator) of several incidents involving water and mobile phones over the year. “Should I fish it out?” “Should I leave it there? It is down a toilet after all, and not ANY old toilet, it’s a TRAIN toilet…” “It looks pretty clean, and I DO need my SIM card” “The phone is probably broken anyway and will never work again” In the end, after dithering around, I went for the plunge (so to speak) and fished the phone out, ran it under some clean water and gave it a dry off. No, of course it wasn’t working….

As soon as I got home I googled “mobile phone in toilet” and discovered that I was far from the first person to drop my phone down a toilet, and that the best advice seemed to be to immerse it in a bowl of rice for three days. I couldn’t really see that it would dry it out enough, but in any case I had nothing to lose. Lo and behold, three days later – perfect working order! Very surprised and pleased – definitely one to remember.

For those who don’t know my catalogue of disasters with electrical equipment, read on…

#1 Took friend’s drunk sister home. Drunk sister vomited all over me. Clothes and bag (and latterly discovered) mobile phone went into washing machine. VERDICT – dead phone

#2 Carried drink from kitchen to bedroom. Mobile phone and drink in same hand. Put drink on bedside table, dropped phone in drink. VERDICT – dead (and sticky) phone

#3 Went to nightclub. Fell down stairs. VERDICT – smashed and dead phone, smashed coccyx, inability to sit down for 6 months.

#4 Running for train. Fell over. VERDICT – ruined shoes, grazed elbows, smashed digital camera screen, smashed laptop screen, re-bruised coccyx. Phone ok though…

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