Is it Easter already?

27 Jan

Because a well-known high street retailer seems to think so! I can’t believe that it’s not even the end of January and already they have a dedicated chocolate bunny/lamb/Citroen 2CV area. We haven’t even had Valentine’s Day yet!! Not only that, but they have taken to charging for plastic bags (good idea), yet they are givimg away plastic knives and forks at the exit (doh!). I don’t know, it’s just that something’s not quite adding up for me there….

Well, I’ve been back from Malaysia for a week now. My tan has peeled off. My posted-on-the-last-day postcards will be dropping onto people’s doormats any time now. It’s like a dim and distant memory. But what memories!

Amazingly friendly people, gorgeous weather (even the rain was warm), beautiful jungles and beaches. We watched a couple of excruiatingly badly subtitled DVDs – a couple of Japanese horrors (aptly named) – but it was just impossible. Even English DVDs had been subtitled hideously badly. In the film ‘Whisper’, the simple line “Your move, Vince” came out as “Your muffins” – less ‘horror’, more ‘humour’, we thought!

Looking out of the window of the plane as we flew home over England reminded me that however much I might moan about the bad weather and the fact that I don’t want to live in the city, actually I love England and I love coming home, to my own space, my family and friends, and my dog.

And for all you fact collectors out there:

  • Number of hours spent on planes: 35
  • Number of times passport lost: 0 (surprisingly)
  • Number of other lost and subsequently found items: 2 (camera case and necklace)
  • Number of photos taken: 521
  • Number of photos that friends/family will be subjected to: 101 (sighs of relief all round)
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