What a bloody awful day

22 Feb

Oh my God. What a bloody awful day I had yesterday. It was such an annoying day that I’m still feeling annoyed today, thereby ruining my entire weekend. I’m sure you’ll be aware of the saying “bad things come in threes”? Read on…

Scenario #1 – Washing machine delivery
We’d ordered a washing machine that was due to be delivered between 9am and 12noon. We’d been assured that they would call us to make sure we were in before they came round. Well, they didn’t and of course they came round early rather than late, so there we were, scrambling out of bed and trying to make room for the delivery. So far, so not yet annoyed. It transpired, however, during the ‘installation’ process that the new washing machine only needed one inlet pipe, whereas the old washing machine used two. But one of the pipes wouldn’t stop leaking. (Cue enormous pool of water on my kitchen floor). “Not our problem mate,” said the delivery chumps, “You’d better get a plumber in, luv.” And they promptly disappeared, leaving us with two washing machines in our not very big kitchen. Luckily a nearby plumber owed me a favour, so I called him round and he came and capped the pipe off and we plumbed in the new machine. No problem. Scenario #1 dealt with satisfactorily. By the way, for those of you who are wondering what we did with the old one – yes we took it outside and it had been ‘recycled’ within the hour.

Scenario #2 – dog locked in sitting room
Meanwhile, to let the delivery chumps and the plumber get on with things, I had shut the dog in the sitting room, since she likes to meet new people in quite an energetic way. Despite moaning at Y not to shut the sitting room door for the past week as I’d removed the door handle to test the width of space for delivery of the new sofas, I of course shut it without a second thought. It wasn’t until I came to let her out again that I realised the door wasn’t going to open. After having a five minute panic some logical thought came into my head that I should unscrew the bedroom door handle, screw it onto the sitting room door and lo and behold, scenario #2 satisfactorily resolved. All door handles now screwed back on to prevent similar catastrophe. Thank god the tool box wasn’t shut in the sitting room too. I can take comfort from these small pieces of luck.

Scenario #3 – broken down car in middle of busy junction
In the evening we were looking forward to catching up with friends. I decided to drive since I haven’t for ages, and I just got my car fixed up again. We only got about 20 minutes into the journey before the sodding thing stopped slap bang in the middle of Clapham and wouldn’t start again. After waiting for an hour in the freezing cold, and enduring much pointing and staring at my poor car by passers-by, we got picked up by a recovery truck and taken home. No chance of tasty homecooked food for me. By that point I was so hacked off with the entire day we just got takeaway and drank some beers. Which was ok I suppose. Now I have a car that still won’t start. No idea of what is wrong and no chance of getting it to a garage to sort it out for a while. It’s steeled my resolve to sell the blasted thing though, and get something boring and sensible like a Fiesta or something.

It was a pretty bad day, all in all. Thought i could have been worse, when compared to another one of my ‘bad things come in threes‘ days, which cost me £400 and gave me a scar on my leg which I’ve still got.

Quite frankly I can’t wait to get back to work.

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