Back to the ghetto

11 May

I spent a lovely weekend doing countryside things, specifically, seeing my dad and my sister on board her houseboat, currently moored near Bath. She had invited us up for a barbeque, and what a barbeque it was! We had burgers, bratwurst sausages (the best kind), and three types of kebab, not forgetting corn on the cob and a lovely salad (healthy options so we didn’t feel so bad about wolfing all that meat down!). Just when we thought we had finished, we had to try and make room for toasted marshmallows, which I managed to do quite successfully, even if I do say so myself.

Hearing some of the ‘landlubbers’ comments as they walked past was quite funny, “Ooooh look, they’re having a barbeque on that one!” Yes, we can hear you! My sister told us about a time when a family looked into the boat and one said to another “Wow, they’ve even got bread and butter!” Woooooow. It’s amazing that people treat the boaties as if they are unable to hear anything that is said on land, even worse, that they could well be an entirely new species, albeit one that ‘even eats bread and butter’! Ah well, they don’t know what they are missing!

I was still thinking about this when we drove through Putney later that night on the way back to the ghetto. Some young cretin and his mates were spraying graffiti on a brick wall, using a rather dull orange colour (which barely showed up, by the way) at only 8:30pm, still daylight at the time of year, with barely a care in the world. You would have thought that they would have chosen a contrasting colour, dull orange really doesn’t get the job done, and if they got caught (which they wouldn’t as no one seemed to be taking a blind bit of notice) would it all really have been worth it?

Looking forward to getting out of the city for good….

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