4 Feb

Amongst the many and varied Facebook status update time-wasting activities that seem to be sweeping the globe (what colour is your bra, what style is your hair etc) some of which I may have taken part in …this one is about “Urbaning” (To look up your own name on Urban Dictionary, either for definition or myspace useage.). The idea is that you go to www.urbandictionary.com, type in your first name, copy and paste it as your status, and put the first entry of your name under comments….

It’s pretty funny if you’ve got a few minutes to waste. Here are my results. NB they get a little crazier the further down the list you go. I wonder who writes all this stuff?

  • A beautiful name,(an angel for above) a fantastic name for a girl, Expecially when a special someone is amazing in so many ways, kind in heart and soul, but most of all a smile that lights up a dull and dark room. Beautiful in everyway.
georgina = Angel from Above

  • Georgina bold, outgoing, headstrong and shows it in the crazy way she dresses and acts. She is extremely beautiful but her strong personality often deters people. She always has to win and this sometimes gets in the way of her usually nice personality. She is good at most things she tries. Most people are secretly in love with her or jealous of her.
“Yes!!! I beat Georgina!!!”
“Wow Georgina has such cool clothes”

  • Georgina (Population 42,346) is a town in south-central Ontario,Canada, eh?

“I’m heading into Georgina, EH?”

  • A person who steals other people’s boyfriends, including their friends’.
‘Oh my God! She stole my boyfriend!’
‘Ugh she’s such a Georgina.’

  • Noun; The female equivalent of Georgie.
That boy gave my GEORGINA the bestest playte I’ve ever had!

  • A Chicken farmer in the reigon [sic] of Grimsby ontario who is a slut, likes DC and scares little children away.
Watch The Georgina scare children away.

  • a girl who has rats/mice in her room
“theres a rat”, -she must be a georgina

  • a bloody fookin’ funny fuckaaaaaaar whom will get killed if she shows her garter to anyone other than her wifeeeeee for lifeeeeeeee.
“she’s such a georgina.”
“yeahh,everythings going down south”
“check out her hannahs!”

It’s funny – I always thought Georgina was the feminine form of George, which means Farmer. Clearly I was mistaken.

Anyway – I bet you go and do it yourself now! Go, on do it – and make sure you share the results with me ;o)

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