A new look…

14 May

…not for me, for this rarely updated blog. I’m thinking that maybe, just maybe, if it looks better, I’ll update it more. Even if it’s only a mini-post about something that made me smile.

We’ll see.

Had a period of minor but impactful disasters over the last week or so. Mostly caused by the dog it seems. Apart from eating three quarters of a bag of strawberry flavoured jelly sweets (and then trumpeting in my car and it smelling of a mixture of guff and strawberries) she also ate 250g of frozen mince that was meant for dinner. After that it made its presence felt in a rather runny mess on my kitchen floor. Let’s not forget she also tripped me up, causing scabby and bruised knees and a full on face-plant onto the pavement. Thanks Tess.

Oh, I also managed to cause some damage all by myself. After coming home from a great concert with friends, I took a running jump onto my (wooden framed) bed. CRACK! Yep, I broke the bed. Nothing a big bit of superglue won’t fix, I’m sure.

Yesterday I found out I don’t really like cheese fondue anymore, which is a shame as it was my staple diet for a good few months. I guess you can have too much of a good thing, just like when I went off the colour brown. Probably a blessing in disguise for me and everyone around me, that one.

This morning I picked up my make-up bag from the kitchen but managed to lose it before reaching the bedroom. I looked everywhere, every room, the bins, under the bed, even in the fridge (I have found a good many misplaced items in there before now). I gave up and went to feed the dog and then finally found it in the cutlery drawer.

This kind of clumsy, forgetful behaviour is just typical of a stressed me. Later this year we find out whether our company (and our jobs) get renewed for another five years, or whether we will all be unemployed come 31st March 2011. The thing is, I am the one leading the campaign. The buck basically stops here. So, six people’s jobs, no pressure love. I have done it lots before, I can do it again. Wish me luck, people!

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