Curious optimism

7 Jul

This week seems like the longest week ever for some reason.  Despite this, I woke up in a strangely optimistic mood this morning.  I think it’s because there is the possibility of going camping at the weekend with Tess and G.  That would be nice.  I hope it doesn’t rain too much because I’m apparently going to be introduced to the joys (?) of trad climbing. Even better we’re going to Hound Tor and since it will be Tess’s first time as a crag dog, I think that is wholly appropriate, don’t you?  Apparently it is very haunted, there is a deserted medieval village nearby and it is reputed to be the basis for the Hound of the Baskervilles story.  As if I needed any more reasons to go there!

On another note, I seriously think this office would fall apart without me sometimes.  Not only am I working my sweet a*se off to make sure our company is renewed for another five years (and we all keep our jobs!) but I am constantly bombarded by daft questions from the team.  In the last three hours I have had:

D: I’ve got the water company on the phone, they want to know if we need more drinking water?

G: What’s that website you use to update Twitter?

S: How do you spell ‘Agnes’?

OHMYGOD!!!   Give me strength.  Luckily I seem to be in a benevolent mood so am answering each question very graciously and finding the whole thing quite amusing today.  We have almost got a very important document signed off and sent to the printers and I think that might have a lot to do with it.  I can’t wait until November and this period of work is over.  I’m working on taking a few months out next year and going down under to see friends I haven’t seen for ten years!  Exciting!

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