Isle of Skye: the conclusion (day one and two)

6 Aug
Fairy Pools with Waterpipe Gully in the background

Fairy Pools with Waterpipe Gully in the background

After a 14 hour drive and a wrong turn that meant we were forced to drive through the bleak heartland of Glasgow during rush hour in the pouring rain, we finally arrived at Glenbrittle, our campsite on the Isle of Skye.  It was dark.  It was windy.  Very windy.  So windy in fact, that it was all one person could do to hold the tent down whilst the other one tried to thread the poles through and peg it out.  Nevertheless after three re-pegging sessions it was up, and miraculously stayed up all night although the gales force winds did their worst and we both kept an ear out to make sure we hadn’t made like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz.  At approximately 5.51am (I know because I was awake) the winds stopped and the day dawned beautifully, marred only slightly by the fact that Gareth had a raging migraine.  I suspect it may have been slightly worse for him than for me as the  poor guy was forced to stay in the tent for the whole morning  with a cold flannel on his head.

We weren’t completely lazy all day though.  We did the first hour of the walk-in for in preparation for the ridge traverse, so we could see roughly where we were supposed to be starting off, and we went to find the beautiful fairy pools, which have a glorious glacial blue colour rather than the usual peaty brown seen in the other pools and waterfalls.  They are just off the road from Glenbrittle Campsite and you really shouldn’t miss them if you go to Skye.  I really wanted to jump straight in but it was pretty nippy!  Maybe next time I’ll be braver.  We also spotted Waterpipe Gully, which apparently is a good one for a winter ascent (which I’ll leave to the boys, being more of a fair weather climber!)

After a good dinner and as much carb-loading as my stomach could take, we went to sleep wondering what the next day would bring…

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