The busiest bank holiday weekend EVER?

1 Sep

Being back at work is almost a relief.  I’ve just had possibly the busiest bank holiday weekend EVER.  If yours was busier I’d really like to hear about it!

First of all I went to my fourth wedding this year (only one more to go thank goodness…) in Cambridge on the Friday.  Beautiful wedding in a beautiful city.  The bride defied tradition in an amazing strapless creation in dove grey – just perfect.  Our B&B room was a vision in golden drapes and dangly chandelier – not bad for what looked like a converted attic room.  When you opened the bathroom door it hit the bottom of the bed, and you had to squeeze by the sink to get to the loo!

The next day was my birthday (33 in case you’re interested enough to ask!).  After meeting some friends in Cambridge for some breakfast we had a wander round and then drove down to Hampshire, where I was taken out for a delicious birthday dinner at a nearby gastropub pub  It was called The Purefoy Arms, in Preston Candover (nothing to do with the actor I don’t think) and I can certainly recommend it.  I will be trying the Catalan Bread at Tuesday Night Dinner, that’s for sure.

On Sunday we were hoping to watch my mum do a skydive – we waited for about four hours to see if the wind would calm down a bit but good old British weather meant it had to be postponed.  Annoying I’m sure, after being so psyched up to jump out of a plane, to find that you have to go through all those nerves again!  Hopefully she’ll be able to re-book at a time when we can all come and cheer her on again – she’s so brave!

I drove on to Somerset where we’d be climbing at Cheddar Gorge on Sunday with Kirsty and Helen.  As soon as I hit Ilchester the skies turned clear blue for miles around – I hoped the weather would remain clear and dry for the next day – and it did!  A good day’s climbing was had, in perfect conditions; dry, warm (but not too hot) and still air, I led my hardest outdoor route so far (only F5, so not much to write home about) AND we had the added bonus of buying loads of cheese and mead for scoffing later!

Me leading Busking for Bolts at beautiful Cheddar Gorge (F4)

Me leading Arcadia on Overshoot Wall (F5)

Although I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend I probably need another one to get over it – good job this week is only four working days long!  Having said that, we don’t have any more bank holiday weekends until Christmas now, so it’s all downhill from here, and my team at work can’t take any time off until November – it’s a pretty important time for us now.

Total miles driven – 463 (poor car)

Total hours driven – 10+ (poor George)

Total petrol money spent – £120 (ouch – poor wallet)

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