Distraction techniques for grown-ups

8 Oct

What do you do if you know someone who has been working pretty hard since last December to ensure her and her team keep their jobs?  She is tired, stressed and really pretty fed up.  The end is in sight and it’ll probably all be ok but the final answer is still uncertain and far enough away for her to feel rather trapped.  She misses her dog, loves the outdoors and needs to escape London for a bit.  That’s me by the way.

Luckily my perfect Saturday happened last week.  I had  Tess back for the weekend-what a joyful reunion that was!  The day dawned sunny and I had an idea that I wanted to go to the beach.  So we piled into the car and drove down to Botany Bay in Kent for a stroll along the golden sands, the sky was blue (mostly) and the air was still – there was barely any wind so it was quite warm.

I had a feeling it was going to be a good day because we had no problem in finding a (free) parking space.  Lots of ball throwing and fetching ensued, all three of us clambered in and out of sea caves (see pic) which were carved into the cliffs and went from the beach right up inside the cliff to the top where the path was.  IN some parts we had to wriggle on our bellies as the passage was so small (Tess was ok!)

G and Tess in the sea cave

G and Tess in the sea cave

When we got into Kingsgate Bay we saw a Search and Rescue helicopter practicing its drills – very close and noisy but pretty cool to watch!

By this time we were pretty hungry so we went into Broadstairs and ate freshly cooked chips out of the paper with lots of salt and vinegar.  Delicious!

Luckily for us there was a Food Festival going on and so G got some kind of funky ale which tasted very hoppy and I got a cider which was very strong (glad I only got a half!).  We were still hungry so we bought ten dinky doughnuts and ate them whilst hearing about some amazing birds of prey that had been rescued by Manyhoots.  Being very patient was a beautiful Golden Eagle crossed with  something else (can’t remember what), a blind Barn Owl, a Horned Owl that had one of its eyes pecked out by seagulls, an old Tawny Owl with cataracts and many others.  Manyhoots takes in birds that have been abandoned, mistreated or injured and fixes them up, then reintroduces them to the wild if possible, or looks after them at their sanctuary if not.  It soon started to rain so we pegged it back to the car and drove home, stopping off on the way to see the Reculver Roman fort wall.    We also saw three types of windmill (olde worlde wooden one, new fangled turbine and the windfarm off the Kent coast – pretty cool but I’m easy to please), and then home for a delicious dinner.

On Sunday I had a lovely lie-in, which is rare for me and then went shopping – also rare – but I bought new climbing shoes (Scarpa Force from Snow and Rock) which I can’t wait to try out, and a Paramo smock to keep me lovely and warm during long winter days outside.  Mushroom pizza eaten from the box in Covent Garden was rapidly followed by a delicious crepe with nutella – yum!

The only bad thing about the whole weekend?  We went to see Resident Evil:Afterlife 3D at the cinema only to find we had left our 3D specs at home so we had to buy more.  At least we have spares now!  If that is the only thing that goes wrong during the whole weekend, you’re not doing too badly.


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  1. Vicki October 12, 2010 at 1:01 pm #

    Nice! You missed some good seaside/kite-flying/doughnuttage in Suffolk this weekend – we missed you! Haven’t been to Broadstairs in years – there’s a great Italian ice-cream cafe place there. Yums!

  2. George October 13, 2010 at 10:08 am #

    Dammit – we missed the ice cream place! Can’t wait to hear all about the Suffolk trip 🙂

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