New Year, new me?

5 Jan

Doubtful.  Last year I was a bah humbug and didn’t make any resolutions at all.  This year I’m being more productive, constructive and generally trying to make a few simple changes so I did make some New Year resolutions…well I guess they’re more like ‘aims’ really.  With willpower as weak as mine I wouldn’t hold your breath for seeing results any time soon though, but I’ll keep you updated!

So, drum roll and here they are in no particular order:

Yep I know there are quite a few, and that the more resolutions you have, the less likely you are to stick to them but perfection has to start somewhere eh?

And how am I going to do all of this, you may well ask?  Well I’ve signed up to WordPress postaweek2011 campaign and resolved that even if I’m worried YOU might think my posts are boring, I’m going to post stuff anyway!  I’m also keeping track of some of my resolutions via Daytum and you can visit my page here.  Daytum is  a great way of keeping track of stuff and you can download the app for free to your iphone or ipod touch and let it sync up next time you’re connected.

As for taking more time off work, some people will know that I tend to end up carrying a lot of holiday over, or use it up randomly as I never take enough time off.  I’m going to banish that this year!  So far I have booked off:

  • a long weekend to use up free train tickets to visit friends in Edinburgh
  • a week in March to go somewhere warm and do some climbing
  • three days off in April to take advantage of the Bank Holidays and Royal Wedding (makes 11 days off in total, thanks Your Majesty!)  Probably going climbing in the UK I suspect!
  • possibly going to Tuscany in May
  • France in June with the Tuesday Night Dinner crowd
  • and dare I say Australia in the autumn (if I can get enough time off work to make it worthwhile)?

I’m planning on cutting down my bread and sugar intakes – we’ll see how that goes – as well as using up my environmentally harmful cleaning products and switching to greener ones.  I’m also planning on decluttering my flat and giving loads of stuff away on gumtree or selling it.  Given my disinclination (is that even a word?) to tidy up, this one could be very interesting…watch this space for more updates on how dismally I’m doing!

So maybe not “New Year, new me” but “New Year, slightly improved me”.  how does that sound?

PS Spellcheck didn’t pick up on ‘disinclination’ so am assuming it is a word…for now!

PPS I did actually make a mid-year resolution last year and mostly stuck to it, which was to stop being so self-deprecating, even as a joke.  It really made a difference by boosting to my self-confidence levels!  Yay me!


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