Blog buddies

As part of the WordPress ‘postaweek2011’ challenge I have procured myself three blog buddies!  Allow me to introduce them (drum roll please!)

Blog buddy #1 – Das Bloggen

Mr Dan Baird has a blog called Das Bloggen and his strapline is “Quality over Quantity”.  He blogs about his day-to-day life, things that he finds amusing, sad or otherwise provokes a reaction in him to write.  And write very well he does!  His posts are insightful, more often than not funny, and occasionally sad.  Moreover,  you feel like he is telling YOU, and only you, his story.  He also has some beautiful photos.  Please visit his blog and subscribe to it if you like it – you won’t be disappointed!

Blog buddy #2 – Out and About

Ali Lea has a blog called Out and About, which documents her travels and adventures, at home and abroad.  I’m looking forward to catching up with her to see what she has been up to every week.  I’m hoping to get travel tips from her posts and inspiration from her photos.

Blog buddy #3 – To Make Me Look Busy

Nirmala Chandrasiri is my new-entry blog buddy and her blog To Make Me Look Busy is very well written.  With articles about her deep thoughts on everyday life, it’ll make you think again about the way you see things.  I hope she inspires you too!


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