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My lovely neighbours

15 Sep

As my friend Tom asked me “Isn’t it about time you updated your ‘once-every-quarter-whether-you-need-to-or-not’ blog?” Well, yes, obviously it is, since someone has actually asked.

I was going to write about my strange dream, which involved living in a mobile home at the top of the Alps, June Sarpong and a nun with a broken leg, but I can’t really remember the details of that one. Instead I’ll have a rant about my lovely neighbours. I’m not talking about the ones on the ground floor that play extremely loud music until 5 or 6am. Though they do at least play it loud enough that I can hear the words and sing along if I want to, and they play pop, rather than drum and bass, so that’s also better than nothing I suppose, still I do draw the line at badly sung karaoke, especially at that time of the morning. Anyway, onto my ‘real’ rant.

It’s about the neighbours below me, the ones with the small white fluffy dog that bit me and my dog when we were out a couple of weeks ago. The other night, Y and I were rudely awaken at some god-forsaken hour by the sound of crashing, banging and much shouting from the flat below. We could clearly hear such politely phrased questions as “Where’s my f*@%ing money?”, “Why are you touching my f*@%ing stuff?” and kind requests like “Get your hands off my f*@%ing clothes” and things being flung across the room. I was pretty close to calling the police as it sounded like a full-on bust up down there but I was too scared. Not sure what the arguement was about – Y reckons it was about drugs. If that’s true, maybe I got off lightly, just being bitten by their dog.

I do like most of my neighbours really! Except the ones that wee in the lift, that’s pretty gross.

Y is taking his cleaning antics outside the flat now. He wiped down the buttons in the lift with a wet-wipe, not that I minded! He also bought us a new vacuum cleaner to try to hoover up the dog hair. I arrived home to a post-it note saying

“The new hoover has arrived – yay!
Have got it out of the box, but haven’t
had a chance to play with it yet.
Feel free to do some hoovering if you like.”

Now if that’s not a hint, I don’t know what is! It works very well by the way…the hint and the hoover.

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