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Busy weekend!

12 Apr

Disco disco!
Went to a fab 80s night on Friday with my beautiful friend Jen.  I went as Adam Ant, which I quite enjoyed actually.  I should wear climbing tape on my face more often, thoguh it was amazing how quickly I sweated it off dancing to all the 80s music that I had forgotten how much I liked.  No, I’m not cool and I have never pretended to be.  There were a lot of fluoro, shell suits and leg warmers on show. Someone came dressed as Doc from Back to the Future, which was very good, and someone else as MC Hammer.  Wow, the fashion was bad, but the party was so very, very good.

Climbing @ Cheddar Gorge
Next on my agenda was a 6.30am start and a rather speedy drive down to Cheddar Gorge in Somerset.  I went climbing with a few friends and managed to lead my hardest outdoor climb so far, as well as top rope another hard one.  I was very pleased with my effort – a good start to the outdoor climbing season!  The weather was just amazing and it was a very good thing that I had brought along factor 50 sun screen otherwise we would have cooked out there.  It was a shame we couldn’t stay longer but some of us had evening plans that we had to rush back to London for, so after a speedy fish and chip supper we drove back to London even faster than we drove down that morning!

Sucker Punch
Oh dear.  Need I say more?  I won’t spoil it too much if you want to see it, but perhaps I should have read some reviews before agreeing to see this film. I can’t believe we ran all the way from Platform 8 at Waterloo Station to the IMAX and spent actual money seeing this film.  Out of a group of seven, only one person enjoyed it.  Even though four of the group were male and the characters in the film were all nubile young girls dressed in an assortment of sailor dresses, leather bustiers and hotpants.  I think it was us that got sucker punched.

Visiting babies
My lovely godson was three on Saturday.  We celebrated with the extended family on Sunday at a local pizza place where he and his adorable little sister and very smiley cousin were mostly well behaved.  In fact they were all extremely well behaved despite the divisive nature of a very cool present in the shape of a Buzz Lightyear camera, which caused a few sharing problems!  After that we hot-footed it over to see a very new baby – just two and a half weeks old but not letting his mum get much sleep as he is always hungry!   

Only eight working days left at work before our long Wales camping and climbing trip – can’t wait!

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