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Back to Earth with a bump…

2 Aug

Ok I finally got around to finsihing off this post – looong overdue!

Well I spent most of my first week back after I returned from Morocco not knowing what day it was, so when I discovered quite by accident that it was already Thursday my glee at only being one day away from the weekend already was tinged with a smidgin of worry that I may not have got enough work done this week. How can I have been back for FOUR whole days already?

Everyone keeps asking me what the highlights of Morocco were. I’ll give you a brief taster and some statistics for your digestion. Enjoy!


  1. Watching the day-time activities in Djemaa el Fna transfer to the night-time madness, and eating BBQ at the meat stalls at night
  2. The first taste of the madness that characterises the Souks in Fes: think medieval film set, or something from the Life of Brian, complete with full sights, sounds and smell sensory overload
  3. The dark and winding alleyways of the cities that seem so foreboding when you first arrive somewhere yet rapidly become ‘home’
  4. The immense warmth of the vast majority of the Moroccan people that we met
  5. The “dancing grandad” Berber – one of the two people I wish I had taken a photo of
  6. Mohammed the one-legged taxi driver – the other person I wish I’d taken a photo of
  7. The chilled-out Cascades D’Ouzoude

Number of hours spent in the air: 7
Number of hours spent on a nice air-conditioned train: 8
Number of hours spent in a hot, cramped bus: 24 (2 with a woman being sick beside me and her child on my lap)

Items lost:

  • Shoes (last seen at Cascades D’Ouzoude)
  • Passport (last seen at in Fes)
  • Scarf (last seen wrapped around my legs in the back of Mohammed’s taxi)

Items found:

  • Passport (sent from the lovely Mr Chadhli, manager of a museum in Fes to the Honourary British Consulate in Marrakech)
  • Chilled out waterfalls in Cascades D’Ouzoude
  • One very cool wooden doorstop in Essaouira, bank wouldn’t give me any cash though, so I need to make a return trip to buy it!
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