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One down…

3 Feb

Can you believe January has flown by so quickly?  I certainly can’t, but the days are getting longer and lighter and the trees have buds on them at last.  The promise of Spring is here and I can’t tell you how happy that makes me!  I always think Spring is my favourite month, knowing that the days will be warmer and I can spend more time outside.  But then I also love the long, lazy days of Summer and quite frankly you can’t beat the Autumn winds blowing those cobwebs away and the golden leaves all over the place.  And Winter?  Well it’s just cold mostly and always seems so long but I had some snowy adventures this year (more on that another time) so it’s not all bad.  I guess the point is, that we’re really lucky in the UK to be having all these amazing and varied seasons to enjoy, with most of us lucky enough not having to experience the extremes of weather that happen elsewhere in the world.

So I was pretty busy in January.  Having not managed to sell my flat for the last six months that it’s been on the market I finally made the huge (for me) mental step to rent it out.  After having many internal wranglings over when I want to own two places, whether I can afford it, whether I can manage with tenants etc etc etc I decided that I’m in the enviable position of being able to live with a friend for the next six months rent-free, which will enable me to save up enough cash to be able to buy a second property and move into it, hopefully before they get back.  With property prices so low that I can’t afford to sell my flat (but can cover my mortgage through renting it out) and having done my number crunching to know that I can afford to buy another place I thought “Why not?”.  This could be a once in a lifetime opportunity for me to have enough cash to be able to put down a deposit on a second place.  Once the property prices rise again I’ll put the flat back on the market, but in the meantime I have two lovely tenants moving in and I’m rushing around sorting out references, gas safety certificates, tenancy agreements, inventories and so on.  Plus I have two and a half weeks to pack up my stuff – no rest for the wicked.

I also booked a holiday with my friend, we are going to Tenerife.  We’re staying well away from the typical “English pub” resorts as we’re planning on doing a lot of quiet relaxing and go climbing and walking.  We are planning on walking up Mount Teide (pronounced tay-dee) which is the highest mountain in Spain and the third largest volcano in the world.  It’s over 3,700m high and last erupted in 1909.  It will take five or six hours to walk to the top and once there the smell of sulphur will be very strong.  We might suffer from altitude sickness as well – Mount Teide is so high that the oxygen levels at the summit are 50% lower than at sea-level.  But if we get up there we’ll be rewarded with great views (hopefully) as well as being able to see the still-smoking fumeroles from the dormant volcano.  Even better, we’ll be able to get the cable car back down again!  I hope that our willpower and our legs are strong enough to resist using it on the ascent as well!  Time to start getting fitter.

So that was my January – what did you get up to?

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