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Belated blog post!

27 Jan

I’ve been gently reminded by my lovely blog buddies DanB and Ali that I’ve been rather lax in my postaweek2011.  And you know what?  To my shame they are totally right.  I started writing a post a few days ago but now it’s totally out of date so I’ll have to start from scratch.  Unfortunately I’m not going to write anything deep/meaningful/intellectual like Ali’s post about her love of reading or DanB’s hilarious post about his trials and tribulations in trying to buy a simple apple at a supermarket.  Nope, you get get an update of my stuff this week, you lucky, lucky people.  Don’t say I never do anything for you.

First of all, a tiny rant.  Please tell me why some parents insist, absolutely INSIST that their children succeed where they (may) have failed.  Last Sunday we were climbing and this dragon mother on the next wall to us wound me up so much that  I almost gave her a piece of my mind.  She was totally channelling her “too old/late to be a decent climber” insecurities into her son who looked about nine years old, and was virtually being DRAGGED up a grade 5c route, which was far too hard for him.

Son (left foot on foothold, right foot at waist-height on another foothold):  Mum!  I can’t reach the next handhold!

Dragon mother: Jump for it!  Just jump!  JUMP!!!

Son: Can I put my fingers into the bolt-holes to help me?

Dragon mother: You can use whatever will help you to get up there!

So, I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to jump when you’re at full stretch with your left leg with your right foot up by your waist, but it’s pretty hard!  And as for putting your fingers into the bolt-holes when climbing, yep, you can, if you don’t mind having your finger ripped off when you fall off.  Bad, bad, bad.

Meanwhile her daughter, who had climbed before the son and looked about 12 or so, was clearly terrified when at the top of the wall and too frightened to climb down – she was belittled in front of everyone and had the helpful comment shouted up at her “Well you’ll stay up there forever then!”  Wow.  I felt like climbing up to the girl’s level and helping to talk her down, but I was so gob-smacked all I did was stare with open-mouth at this horrendous mother.  Even now, four days later I am still astounded at her poor parenting skills at that time.  (Disclaimer: I am not a mother and therefore my judgement is probably worth nothing.  Also I am sure that this particular lady has plenty of great parenting skills, but they were not in evidence at this time.)

Last night I went to bed with flashing lights in my left eye and not being able to see out of my right eye at all.  Now, I don’t get headaches as a rule, and I’ve only ever had one migraine (thank goodness) but I thought that was a sure sign of impending migraine headache.  I think I avoided it by going to sleep but needless to say I feel like my head has been in a clamp all day, with a lot of nausea and a disgusting stench of wet dog/mouldy carpet everywhere I go.  I’m tempted to get someone to smell me, in case it’s me that stinks!  Any takers? No??  Didn’t think so…

Someone asked me today if I’d made any New Year resolutions.  “Yes,” I proudly told them “I’ve made ten!  But they’re more ‘aims’ than ‘resolutions’.”  However, having been posed with the question…. I couldn’t actually remember more than a couple of them.  Ooops!  You see, this is why I don’t make New Year resolutions!  I’ve just given them a quick once over and I’m glad to say that I’m doing pretty well with the majority of them, I’ve booked two holidays and thinking about a third (and a fourth actually).  I’m making my own lunch and haven’t cut my own fringe.  All very worthy resolutions, I think you’ll agree.  Note to self: write at least one letter this year!!

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