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Union Street Urban Orchard

9 Sep

Things I love about the Union Street Urban Orchard in Bankside:

  • it’s been built for just three months on dilapidated land next to a railway line using materials that others would throw away – wooden pallets, tyres and old scrap wood
  • the 85 fruit trees have been ear-marked to be planted in housing estates in Southwark
  • The Living Ark – if I had a garden big enough, and enough money, I would buy one
  • it’s open to the community, both residential and professional to come along and get their hands dirty!
  • it has a Seed Library and a seed bin where you can just take the seeds to grow plants for yourself at home
  • they have a cool strawberry wall with a neat watering system
  • they have a book swap set up there where anyone can swap books for free
  • there is a plant exchange where you can swap your wayward plants for other people’s
  • every Friday night they have a BBQ for the local community

Things I don’t love:

  • it’s only open until 19th September, so get down there and have a look, if you haven’t done so already!

Enjoy the slideshow – it’s 13 slides long.

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