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Things to get annoyed about

30 Oct

I feel like I’ve saved up a whole load of annoyance since my last posting. Top of my Things That Annoy Me list are people who leave their dog’s mess on the ground. OK, I own a dog, so I know that you can’t always help when and where your little darling goes, but for goodness sake! It looks and smells dirty, it’s unhygienic and particularly in the autumn it’s well disguised by the fallen leaves in my local park I’ve noticed, which occasionally leads to a ‘sticky shoe’ situation a la Phoebe from ‘Friends’:

My favourite shoes so good to me
I wear them everyday
Down at the heel, holes in the toe
Don’t care what people say
My feet’s best friend, pals to the end
With them I’m one hot chicky
Though late one night
Not much light
I stepped in something icky

Sticky shoes, sticky shoes
Always makes me smile
Sticky shoes, sticky shoes
Next time I’ll avoid the pile

We’ve recently had a new pavement laid down near our flat. It looked lovely and clean, for about half a day. Then it began to get marred with dog poo, just like the old one. The local council obviously had a lightbulb moment when they stencilled the below image onto the pavement at regular intervals. Do they really envisage this having any, I mean any effect on the non-pooper-scoopers around here? It looks like a 5-year old painted it! And what’s with the atrocious font choice? I’m no typographer but I’d like to hear what one of my typographery-type (?) friends has to say about it! I really can’t see these poor excuses for stencils having much of a difference. In fact I’m tempted to go and paint polka dots on them one night but I’m too scared I might get arrested. Hold on, if I used chalk, which washes off, that would be ok, wouldn’t it? Watch this space….

Also I’m annoyed already with the darker nights and colder weather. I feel like I’ve been robbed of a summer that was promised but never even arrived. I’ve been stood up by summer. My flip flops didn’t even get a look-in. Still, look on the bright side, at least it isn’t raining. Much.

However, even I have got something to be thankful for. Whilst out with a friend for dinner the other week, we toasted those commuters who have the daily grind to work on over-packed trains and tubes, allowing us lucky few to work at home, only having to bear the grunting, sweating masses on rare occasions when a meeting calls us into central London.

We were surprised by the long queues stretching out of restaurants in London. On a Wednesday of all days! No sign of the credit crunch in the dining industry then, lucky things. Shortly after that I heard the great phrase ‘dead cat bounce’, which was first coined about 23 years ago. It basically means a small and temporary recovery in a financial market following a large fall, the idea being that even a dead cat will bounce if you drop it from a great height. Fantastic.

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